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What is Validately?

Validately is an end-to-end solution for user research that includes:

  • A dedicated software platform specifically built for UX research
  • Test participant recruiting services for your research studies
  • A tool that largely automates the process of preparing post-study reports called Validately Insights

All of your data in one place

All of your notes and video clips are organized in one place to help you easily analyze your research data and make clear recommendations for stakeholders.

Stop re-watching hours of video and using incompatible platforms to store all of your research data. With Validately, everything involved with research is in one place and easy to find. 

Validately Insights Simplifies Reporting

Save time... a lot of time!

Validately Insights uses hashtags to organize all of your notes and video clips related to specific topics across every session in your research study. 

Easily synthesize your results by adding comments, images, quotes, and key takeaways with video evidence and feedback from real users.

Collaborate with teammates

Share your Insights Report with stakeholders with one URL. No need to download or export files, manage cloud drives, or constantly fuss with shared documents. 

Insights Reports automatically update for stakeholders when edited or new data is added. Use one document to share findings and results for an entire research study. 

We want to help you spend more time focused on research

Analyze data from moderated and unmoderated research studies.

Moderated and Unmoderated

Test any web-based prototype (InVision, Axure, etc.) on desktop and mobile.

Desktop and Mobile

Conduct moderated native app tests on iOS and Android.

iOS and Android

Invite observers and note takers to sit in on live research sessions.

Observers and Note Takers

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Validately helps you 

spend more time

actually focused on research.